Square Pan
Square Pan

Square Pan

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Elegant casting craft work
MommysPot is a casting craft brand
with creative and sophisticated design that takes advantage of
the traditional beauty of South Korea with a motive for arms.

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Square Pan

5.5 lbs. (2.5 L)

15(11.8) inch(top Diameter)
8.3 inch(cooking surface diameter)
1.6 inch(high)

Made in South Korea


" When you first used the cast iron skillet,
Do you have the hard time to seasoning it? "


With multiple layers of deep pre-seasoned

with flaxseed oil for natural, nonstick finish,

You can use the MommysPot right out of the box.


1. You can use the detergent comfortably.

2. Because of the high heat conductivity,

cook in a small-medium fire.

3. The first dish recommends oily dishes.




Ready to cook right out of the box


The biggest advantage of MommysPot is that it is a product that each cast iron piece comes pre-seasoned with multiple layers of 100%  flaxseed oil

I spent a lot of time at home and did some seasoning.

I did not know how long it would take to get seasoned.

MommysPot is the result of years of research and exploration to solve the seasoning problem.

Consumers no longer had to season the cookware themselves at home.

Our MommysPot foundry invented a new method of seasoning.

We’ve based multiple layers of seasoning onto inside of each piece so the cookware’s surface finish naturally nonstick and resist rust.


MommysPot will not rust even if you dry it just after rinsing.

Even if you put it in the water all night, MommysPot does not come rusting.

Even if you do not dry the water after rinsing, MommysPot does not rust.


The biggest concern of non-coated cast iron cookware is the rust which is  not removed even if rubbed lightly with oil or washed.

MommysPot does not season by simply coat the surface of the skillet with oil.

It takes a week to do the multiple layers of pre seasoning work.

If you buy organic ingredients for your family's health and safety, you can now use the healthy cookware of MommysPot.



All processes are manufactured

by hand


We are not sent the product to your home.

We are sending the health to your home.

MommysPot is a product made with much care and effort in order to make every piece with the spirit of sending health rather than product to your home.


Because it is made by hand, it may feel somewhat rough, but we will send you products for only one customer in the world.




MommysPot Foundry


MommysPot is not an OEM product.

It is a product made in our own factory that can control all raw materials.


MommysPot comply the international standards such as Quality Management System ISO 9001 International Standard ISO 14001 is an international environmental standard.


Slowly but honestly and stubbornly produced under an international systematic system.



The entire process is hand-made

by skilled artisans at a small factory

in South Korea


Compared to other chemical coating products, it looks like raw.


As the whole process is done with hands, the surface may be slightly rough, there are some dents and dents that can occur during the dirt infusion process.